Iron Tribe 5K

My friend, Jack, is a member at Iron Tribe Fitness.  It’s a crossfit box with several locations around Birmingham.  Iron Tribe hosted the Tribe 5K, a crossfit race, this morning that started at Homewood Park and ended at the Iron Tribe gym in Homewood.  The race included a 2.6ish mile run with five crossfit stations throughout the race to make it interesting.

Station #1 included 20 power cleans followed by 20 bar-facing burpees and another 20 power cleans.  After finishing this first WOD, we took off running to the next station.  At Station #2, we rowed for 700 meters.  Since the run was only about 2.6 miles, we needed to row this distance to complete the 3.1 miles that comprises a 5K.  After rowing, we ran to the third station.  At Station #3, we did 200 feet of lunges holding a medicine ball over our head.  It was the first time I had done this particular movement and it was harder than I expected.  I was glad to finish this part so that I could run to the next station.  At Station #4, we completed 20 air squats followed by 20 kettlebell swings and another 20 air squats.  Once we finished at this station, we ran to the Iron Tribe gym in Homewood for the final station.  Once inside the gym at Station #5, we did 20 push ups followed by 20 sit ups and another 20 push ups.

I finished in 41:23 and was happy with my time.  I did not Rx the workout but, then again, I never Rx a crossfit workout.  We had the option to scale the exercises so I did the ladies weights at every station except kettlebells.  Instead of 35# kettlebells, I used the 26# kettlebells.  That’s about typical for me.  The overall event was hard but it felt good to finish it.  If you’ve kept up with my blog, you know I just started crossfit a couple of months ago at Ignite Fitness in Hoover.  Although I am still pretty weak, I can see improvement from where I started.  Today was no exception.

The best part was seeing a number of good friends.  Besides Jack, who was kind enough to invite me to participate as his guest, several other friends were there.  Jack’s wife, Barbara, and daughter, Alison, competed along with fellow a Village Runner, Russ.  I also saw Brad from work and my pastor from Church at Brook Hills, David Platt.

What a great time!  Even though it was hard, there’s such a feeling of accomplishment when you finish something that requires you to push your limits.  I’m so fortunate to have such good friends like Jack that would include me in an event like this.

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